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Hey, it's Thomas here.

Music is THIS one thing that really fascinates me. Every time I discover a new artist, it simply thrills me. The point where goose bumps pass by and you put the player on endless loop. Yes, I can say, I'm completely into finding new artists and new music.

What I'm also interested in are certain metadata. If you don't know what metadata is, in short, it's data that describes other data. In the context here, if a new artist inspires me, then I also want to know what kind of music he makes, how to describe this type.

Every artist is unique in his own way, and somehow not. So if I know how his music style is described, how it is categorized, then I'm sure I'll find other artists that I'll probably like. And that brings us to music genres.

What many people don't know, there are now over 4,000 such genres. Yes, I know, that blew me away too. But you know what? That's actually a good thing, because it also means that the uncounted hidden gems out there can be found now.

The question is, how can they be found? Sounds like a stupid question? You would say:"Just enter the genre in the search field and you get the artists. It's easy, isn't it?" I would say:"Well, not quite. Just type in a genre in the field." ... and you:"Okay... what should I enter? I don't know ..." Exactly, you see? You can only search for something that you can name. And that's what BrowseGenres is all about. You start with one term and use it to uncover others. And so on until you come across an artist who just blows your mind. And believe me, you will find something really cool!

This is how it works

Let's take a step back. Actually, we cannot speak of searching. We have to talk about browsing. This term describes it much better. Or perhaps even better would be rambling. Either way, we need some kind of starting point so that we can even begin to browse. For me, these are 15 terms that everyone has surely heard of and can classify. I call them 'global genres'.

screenshot showing 15 selectable buttons

These 15 global genres are:Pop, Rock, HipHop, R&B, Latin, Electro, Country, Reggae, Classical, Metal, Folk, Blues, Jazz, World, and Punk. If you click on one of these buttons, you will get a manageable amount of artists. From there on your journey begins.

screenshot showing selection of buttons with artist photos

Click on one of the images to uncover the details of this artist. The popularity is represented by a number between 0 and 100 whereas 100 would mean extremely well known. So even your grandmother might have heard of this artist then. This is usually also shown by a high number of followers. Most importantly, you get to see the genres this artist is assigned to. Artist photo and metadata serve your eyes and your brain, but your ears also need food. That's what the 30 second Audio Snippet is for. The big majority of artists let us hear something; others not, the snippet will just not be clickable then. No worries, we just move on to the next artist then.

screenshot showing artist details with selectable buttons and audio sample

Choose one of these genres and you have a new starting point. It is as simple as that. Later on, in your profile you can see which genres and artists you have met on your journey. As a little extra you can change the country setting in your profile. Some surprises might be hidden there and it allows even the still little (locally) known artists to expand their radius.

It is always fascinating how many undiscovered and good artists there are.

Enjoy browsing!


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